iPhone 5S Charging Solution

iPhone 5S Charging Solution, charging flickering at some time, not charging the battery fully ... most off Q2 or replace USB IC is 99% fix. If that fails, check the following:

B1: iPhone 5S charge without notice or full battery, you check the red 5v voltage line. If you put the sentence back in a line, don't break Q2 out of the sentence.
Step 2: If you only receive one side of the cable, check the PAIR lines, then break in line, if not broken, replace USB.
B3: Observe the resistance check and coil in the yellow box, if broken, the sentence again.
B4: Observe the resistors in the blue box, if lost, replace the equivalent value.
B5: The resist is in purple box, if touched then removed.
B6: Replace ic in the red box in order of 1-2-3

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Good luck!

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